Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Debbie does dishes

Another urban legend about our new national flower, the satellite dish:

A Sandton dude decided to connect his new dish himself, wiring it up to the receiver, the receiver to the tuner, the tuner to the TV set, the TV to the PVR, the PVR to the VCR, and not managing to get anything to appear on screen.

Eventually he told his wife he was sick of all the gadgets, and was going to the pub down the road. It so happened that the bar had just been wired for satellite reception, and the manager was tuning into a sports channel as the man arrived.

Suddenly, a fuzzy picture appeared of a naked woman. All the patrons focussed their attention on the screen. As the manager tried to fine-tune the picture, they discovered they were watching a blue movie of some kind, accidentally picked up by the dish outside.

Never mind the blurred picture and the sport on the other channels, everyone wanted to watch this. As the action on the screen got into full swing, the manager finally got the picture crystal clear.

The Sandton man spluttered his beer across the bar counter as he recognised the "actors": his wife, down to the last birthmark, and his next door neighbour. It turned out he had made such a mess of the wiring, he had reversed the polarity of his TV set, thereby turning it into a kind of camera lens, turning his dish into a transmitter, and his wife into an unwitting X-rated star....

Luckily for her, that's only possible in science fiction and urban legends. Or is it...?

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