Friday, 23 November 2007

Dogged by voters

During South Africa's last election campaign, the few candidates who went canvassing from door to door found themselves firmly in urban legend country. They often met with horrific experiences, not least of which was the amount of dogs set on them.

An urban legend that has emerged from that kind of experience tells of the candidate stamping the streets of a low-income area.

The candidate arrives at one of the homes, only to be confronted with a growling Doberman Pinscher sitting in front of the door.

He steels himself, knocks, and is warmly received by a middle-aged couple.

The dog follows him in, and lies at his feet, staring at him and constantly growling. Somehow, he manages to give the couple a run-down of his party's platform, and even gets to sip at a cup of tea.

But while he is thus occupied, the dog suddenly stands up, lifts its leg against a table leg, and soaks the carpet. The candidate is shocked, but the couple ignores the dog, and continues chatting.

Wondering about the ways of the poor, the candidate finally says his goodbyes. But as he steps out of the house, the husband calls out: "Aren't you going to take your dog with you?"

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